Georgian as a Foreign Language

Do you still believe that Georgian is one of the most difficult languages to learn?

This is a myth

It’s as possible as to learn any other languages.

Civic Development Institute aims to simplify your communication in Georgian in different formal and non-formal everyday situations.

Learn different

After each lesson you will be able :

  • To introduce yourself in to your colleagues, neighbors, classmates
  • To ask for help, interact with the shop consultant about the price etc.
  • To read the restaurant menu and order the meal
  • To fill in the registration forms at the university, hotel etc.
  • To write mails or to post in Georgian in social network
  • To deal with various communicative tasks demanding listening, speaking, reading or writingin Georgian.

Classes are led by Ekaterine Kutateladze who is experienced in teaching Georgian as a Foreign Language and is a co-author of methods and textbooks for teaching Georgian as a foreign language.

  • Group courses (6-10 persons): 300GEL/month (12 h / month)
  • Small groups (3-5 persons): 420GEL/month(12 h / month)
  • Individual courses: 40GEL / h
  • Online learning (moodle, skype): 30 GEL/h

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