Background and Mission


The union Civic Development Institute (CDI) is a nongovernmental and nonprofit organization. It was established in the year 2005. Registration Date: December 12, 2005, Administrative act: N 484.

The union has two main directions - Media and Education.

The main objective of the organization is strengthening of civil society and to achieve this objective the efforts are made to:

  • Support formal and non-formal education;
  • Support liberal values;
  • Elaborate critical thinking platforms;
  • Protect rights of vulnerable people;
  • Support the strengthening the free, independent and ethical media.

Strategic directions and goals:

1.Increase an involvement of the society in education policy evaluation and implementation process

2.Democratization of the educational institutes

3.Introduction of the principles and approaches of a lifelong education

4.Strengthening the ethical reporting in Media

CDI operates in the whole country and its target audience is:

  • Journalists;
  • Vulnerable women and children;
  • Georgian electorate.
  • School teachers;
  • University professors
  • Public school students;

  • Students living in Poverty;
  • Students living in minority populated regions;
  • University students;
  • Journalists;
  • Decision makers;
  • NGO representatives.


It’s also involved in unique international Network: Caucasus Network of Children (CNC) which brings together civil society organizations working with vulnerable children in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and the North Caucasus region of the Russian Federation. The CNC was launched in January 2013, by 15 founding members that have been cooperating on joint projects targeting marginalized children in the region since 2008. The partnership includes local organizations and the Interkulturelles Zentrum (IZ) in Austria as well as Dialog International Association (Hungary) and the North Caucasus Federal University (Russian Federation).


The Vision of Civil Development Institute is building of a country by independent citizens where rights of every person as recognized by the constitution and international instruments are guaranteed.


The mission of CDI is to establish, for the purposes of creation of civil society, liberal values though protection of human rights, development of educational and media areal and carries out different activities to that end.


Our values are: protection of human rights, democratic governance at all level, fair elections, free and ethic media, liberal educational environment.


Legal Address: 35/29 Tbilisi, Kazbegi Ave. 0177, Tbilisi, Georgia
Physical Address: 10 Chovelidze street, 0108, Tbilisi, Georgia
Tel.: +995 32 218 36 36
Official web-site:

Civic Development Institute board members:

George Jologua

Natela Gionashvili

Marine Eliozishvili

Ketevan Kobaladze

Nino Eremashvili

Nino Zuriashvili