Supporting Free and Professional Media is the main priority for Civic Development Institute.

CDI is involved in three areas:
▪ The establishment of ethical journalism;
▪ Media Monitoring;
▪ The coverage of elections.

Achievements of Civic Development Institute:

▪ Established the Georgian Journalism Charter (2008-2009);
▪ Media-monitored the period before and during the elections (2010-2016);
▪ Explored accordance between TV broadcasting companies and community priorities (2012);
▪ Together with the partners, CDI implemented multi-component program for Media Support (2010-2011);
▪ Civic Development Institute together with regional journalists covered parliamentary elections in 2008 and 2012 and self-government elections in 2010 and 2014;
▪ In collaboration with TV GDS organized a joint TV project in the period of March to July, 2015.

The support of Professional Media was in collaboration with following donors:

the European Union; The Council of Europe; UNDP; EPF; IFES; Konrad Adenauer Foundation; "Open Society - Georgia"; UN Democracy Fund; Training Center of Election Systems Development.