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Presentation of the Research in the frames of the CURE project

On 6 October, 2017, at 15:00, at Ilia State University, at A 106 lecture hall, Chavchavadze av. N32 Ilia State University students present to the audience the research, conducted in 5 Georgian universities which aimed to determine students’ knowledge and attitudes in the frame of civic activism. The findings and recommendations of the study will be discussed at the meeting.

In Georgia civic activism is low among youngsters and mainly it covers political actions and participating in decision-making process of other acute situations. Developed countries have fairly different experience in the context of civic activism.

The audience will have the possibility to ask questions, share ideas on civic engagement and take part in the discussion.

Since October, 2016 three-year-project “Curriculum Reform for Promoting Democratic Principles and Civic Education in Israel and in Georgia”(CURE) has been implemented. Georgian, Israeli, Austrian, Estonian, Swiss, British and Polish universities are engaged in the project.

Civic Development Institute cooperates with students from Georgian universities with regard to empowering practical aspects of civic education and developing civic activism.

The discussion of the research is conducted in collaboration with Ilia State University and Civic Development Institute.

The access is free for all interested.