Short term consultanty for development of  the Policy Paper on school-society relations in Georgia
The SYNCS project will try to strengthen understanding about the cooperation between school, civil society organizations (CSO), universities and other stakeholders in two directions. First, existing practices, barriers and opportunities will be researched
New Chairperson at
On February 23rd 2017 George Jologua was elected as the new Chairperson at “Civic Development Institute”
Conference - 2017 “Democratic School and Critical Media Literacy”
On February 11th 2017, in the “Courtyard Marriott” “conference “Democratic School and Critical Media Literacy” took place. The conference attended teachers, students, education experts and NGO representatives from Tbilisi and other regions of Georgia.
European Parliament approves visa-free travel for Georgian citizens
Today is the final stretch of a long marathon Georgia has been running for years: starting in spring, Georgian citizens will be able to travel visa-free to most countries of the European Union.
First meeting with the contest winners
On January 31, in the office of Civic Development Institute the first meeting with the winners of the video and television films' contest took place.