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On August 21, 22, 23, 2012 a workshop took place in the conference room of the hotel Prestige, Tbilisi, Georgia. The representatives of Civic Development Institute and Azerbaijani Children Union were taking place. The workshop was organized in frame of the project No Child Left behind the General Education (Development of the Literacy, Numeracy and Life Skills Basic Model), funded by Open Society Institute.

Meeting participants discussed the results achieved during the academic years 2011-2012 when the guidelines in three subjects have been piloted in Georgia and Azerbaijani (Literacy – authors: Paata Papava, Tamar Chanturia; Numeracy – author: Ekaterine Kordzadze; Life Skills – author: Nazaket Mehdieva). (დაწვრილებით…)

On May 10, 2012 representatives of Civic Development Institute, Ia Antadze and Tamar Mosiashvili, also the representatives of a partner organization – Institute of Democracy – attended students formal debates in high-mountainous Adjara, namely, in the public schools of the villages Feria and Kedi.

The debates were held in scope of the project Advocacy of the Child Friendly School. In the school of the village Feria the topic of the debates was “Whether a student should be punished for a minor offence” and in the school of the village Kedia – “Drug addiction: Illness or a crime?“ (დაწვრილებით…)

On May 8th Civic Development Institute had planned to meet the pedagogues and public school seniors in Akhaltsikhe in order to present them the safe school policy alternative document.

The meeting was appointed after the lessons on 15:00 in the Center of Civic Engagement. These centers were opened in Georgian cities with the support of USAID in order to provide the locals and also the guests arrived from Tbilisi with the place for discussion, presentation and meeting. (დაწვრილებით…)

With the support of Open Society Georgia Foundation (OSGF) Civic development Institute has started to implement a research project – “The information priority compliance research of the TV newscast and society in pre-election period”.

The project implies to monitor the major news programs of 7 TV channels from April to October. The monitoring will detect most intensively covered topics (i.e. “dense” topics) by each of the TV channels during every two weeks.

Since the “dense” topics are revealed they are immediately ranged by 400 representatively selected respondents in Tbilisi. This enables us to realize two pictures: what is covered and broadcasted to the public by the TV channels as the most important topics within two weeks and on the other hand, what is considered to be important topics by the Tbilisi residents. The monitoring will be conducted for the following TV channels:

• Public Broadcaster
• „Imedi“
• „Rustavi 2“
• „Maestro“
• „Kavkasia“
• „Real TV“
• „TV 9“ (დაწვრილებით…)